Marine fish & invertebrates                             
of Northern Europe
Frank Emil Moen & Erling Svensen                  


608 pages ~1000 photos

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Pictoral guide - groups
Foreword Bellamy
Systematics (full)
Marine biotopes (full)


Platyhelmintes (coming)
Nemertea (coming)
Echiura (coming)
Sipuncula (coming)
Arthropoda (coming)
Mollusca (coming)
Phoronida (coming)
Brachiopoda (coming)
Bryozoa (coming)
Echinodermata (coming)
Chordata (coming)
Fish (coming)
Litterature list (comingl)
Glossary (coming)
Systematic list (coming)
Index science names
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Epilogue (coming)
Thanks! (coming)

Other stuff!

Read about the diving, and look at the first pictures of the deep water corals Lophelia pertusa and Paragorgia arborea taken by divers. 

Cold water corals 
in a Norwegian fjord 
30 Pictures 

Consult this site to find the latin names of species; 
Orðabók Gunnars Jónssonar

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Frank Emil til venstre - Erling til høyreFrank Emil Moen (left) is responsible for this website.  I'm a marine biologist graduated from Trondhjem Biological Station at the The University of Trondheim (NTNU), Norway. I am Managing Director of Eigersund Aqua. Erling Svensen (rigth) is an experienced diver and an avid underwater photographer, with more than 2500 dives and several Norwegian championships in underwater photo contests. We are both members of Egersund Diving Club.

Finally - In May 2004 the English edition of the very popular Norwegian Marine Fauna was published. Prof David Bellamy has written the foreword - on left some of the text printed on the back cover. Click on the picture to read the full foreword.

More than one thousand uw-photos and 608 pages with updated information on marine fish and invertebrates from nearly all marine phylum in Northern European waters. The largest newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten gave the Norwegian edition 6 out of 6 points in a book review. It is in use at all major higher marine biology studies in Norway.

The English edition is translated by Prof Fredrik Pleijel and Dr. Sabine Cochrane.

The book is available from
Aquapress or Amazon in UK
and KOM in Norway

"Marine fish & invertebrates of Northern Europe” is written for anyone with a general interest in marine animal life, and who would like to learn more about their way of life and behaviour, about the role they play in the drama of nature, and the benefit and nuisance they are to man. The main portion of the book is arranged in such a way that the different animal species are presented in a natural, systematic order. More than one thousand magnificent colour photos of animals taken in their natural environment support the informative text highlighting the characteristics of each animal. “Marine fish & invertebrates” covers the North European marine fauna and is a readable experience in itself. In addition, the book is an important aid and source of inspiration to all who delight in the ocean with its hidden life whether if be hobby, study or profession.

On this site we present some parts of the book giving you an idea the extension of the book 
More pictures / pages will be added!

Take a look at the site of Erling - loaded with high quality UW-photos of marine animals from the coast of Norway:

Do you want to buy high quality UW-PHOTOS:


Read article and see photos published in
Diver Magazine October 2004

"The 600-page-plus Marine Fish & Invertebrates of Northern Europe is described by David Bellamy as a "gem of a book" which, he says, "lets you into the secrets of the wealth and health of these cold waters".




"This is a marvellous book for anybody interested in life beneath the sea. Packed with over 1200 colour photographs taken mainly in Norway (although some from Shetland), it is a cornucopia of Northern European marine treasures, written with great enthusiasm for the non-specialist and specialist alike. Whilst presenting the animals in systematic order, this book is conversational and approachable with photographs and text boxes on specific behaviours. Marine Fish & Invertebrates of Northern Europe is a must-buy for anyone interested in European, including UK, marine life."


                                   Photos! (Norwegian text only).

40 species

29 species

58 species
Sea squirts -  Ascidiacea
29 species
77 species
Deep water corals
 from Tromdheimsfjord
Moss animals

13 species


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